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M/L 409687215

Sustainable Security Solutions 



Sydney Scene Security Services Pty Ltd, T/A Sydney Confidential Security Services (Formerly Sydney Venue Protection Agency) has been established since 1982. The company has been operating successfully throughout the Sydney metropolitan area providing the very best in security services to the hospitality, commercial, concierge construction and industrial areas of business, Long term associations with the majority of our clients have been established in the process.

"Sustainable Security Solutions" means we have built out business and our reputation by providing our clients with what is expected. A reliable, Competent and dependable service that delivers every time. We can guarantee our service "Team Confidential" Ensures that we do. Out strength is in our team effort. The company has a well organized staff and client support infrastructure. Our "all hands on deck" philosophy ensures the required result, when you need it now! not later. After all we have over forty years industry experience.


Sustainable Security Solutions, security for the future 

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