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Company Induction In-House Training Seminar 

All new security personell must attend our training seminars. Topics covered are:

  • Standard operating Procedures (SOP) each officer is issued a detailed SOPs manual 

  • Company Policy & Procedures 

  • Staff Management Policy

  • Duty Statement 

  • Harassment and Discrimination Policy

  • Work Safety methods 



M/L 409687215

First Aid Course 

All Security personnel must qualify to a minimum standard workplace senior first aid certificate.

  • Aims of first aid 

  • Resuscitation techniques 

  • Management of unconscious casualty 

  • Practical management of fractures and dislocations

    In addition each of our guards are provided with a basic first aid pouch which they carry whilst on duty 

Fire Hazard Training 

Due to the fact that our guards work in all types of environments, including commercial and industrial sites, they may face various emergency situations. Our company, in conjunction with senior fire fighting personnel, have developed a training programme for our staff. This minimises the risk of injury to personnel and destruction to property caused by fire hazards.

This is a unique course undertaken by our company in an effort to provide a higher level of service to our clients. 

Site Specific Instruction 

Each of our staff are inducted on-site by our Area Security Supervisor when they begin work at any new location.

This ensures that there is a minimal chance of any disruption at that location due to lack of knowledge of site specific instructions.

This policy maintains the smooth running of the work site and minimises any potential problems that may arise.

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